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my-medPak is a medication management program that organizes your daily medications in convenient, portable, and easy- to-read packets by day and time of dose. my-medPak synchronizes your medications (prescriptions, over-the-counter meds, vitamins, supplements, and so on) to run out on the same day. In addition, every month your medications will automatically be scheduled for refills on the same day—no need to worry about when to reorder, and no trips to the pharmacy and waiting in long lines for your prescriptions to be filled. The my-medPak specialized packaging offers safety and efficiency with taking the right medication at the right time, every time. my-medPak also provides complete access to the my-medPak Care Team, so a knowledgeable, friendly person is only a phone call away.

What are the benefits of the my-medPak Program?

  • Compliance Packaging-our packaging solution will organize ALL of a your medications by date and time of dose. It’s easy for you to see what medications to take and when to take them.
  • Insurance Pays-there is NO additional cost for the my-medPak program. If you pay out of pocket, we will match or beat competitors regular pricing.
  • The my-medPak Care Team-our team of pharmacist will provide a complete medication review and are available 24/7 for any of your pharmacy related questions or needs.
  • Automatic Refills-We take care of your refills every month and communicate with your doctors for refill authorizations.
  • Free Home Delivery/Shipping-Your my-medPak box is delivered right to your door.
  • Never Miss a Dose-compliance packaging and reminders from the my-medPak Care Team takes the guesswork out of your daily medication regimen.
  • Medication Synchronization-all of your medications will run out at the same time, so you always have a full monthly supply.
  • Portable Doses-convenient, easy to use packets can be taken anywhere.

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Is my-medPak covered by my insurance plan?

my-medPak participates with most major insurance companies and Medicare Part D plans. During initial enrollment, we will gather your specific insurance info to ensure accurate and appropriate billing. For some insurance plans or plan sponsors, we can also accept health-spending accounts (HSAs). If you have any questions regarding your co-pays, please feel free to contact the my-medPak Care Team for more information.
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Will my co-pays/co-insurance be the same with my-medPak?

Your insurance plan sets your co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles that may apply. Call us and we will be happy to work with you to determine your pharmacy benefit coverage.
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Is there any additional cost for the my-medPak Program?

No. There is no additional cost for the my-medPak packaging or other services provided. In the event that you utilize the my-medPak mail program, you may incur a charge if you request an expedited delivery.
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What if I do not have prescription drug coverage?

We offer very competitive rates for individuals without prescription drug coverage. In most cases, we are able to match a competitor’s price.
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I currently utilize a 90-day mandatory mail order maintenance program (i.e. VA, PPO, HMO, etc.), can I receive a 90-day supply with my-medPak?

No. Your participation in your mandatory 90-day mail order maintenance program requires you to use the designated facility.
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I currently utilize a 90-day voluntary mail order or retail maintenance program, can I receive a 90-day supply with my-medPak?

As a standard, my-medPak is normally provided on a monthly basis (30-day supply). However, if your insurance plan allows for a 90-day supply through mail order or at retail, then we can provide you with a 90-day supply. Please note that because you are receiving a 90-day supply of medication, the synchronization process may take longer.
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I am taking OTCs, vitamins, and supplements; can these types of medications be packaged in my-medPak?

Yes. When you enroll in my-medPak, provide detailed information regarding your OTCs, vitamins, and supplements, including dose and administration times. my-medPak will then synchronize and package them with your prescription medications.
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Are there any medications that cannot be packaged in my-medPak?

We can package most medications, but there are certain medications that we do not package and that are not recommended to be included in the multiple dose strip packaging. These medications include but are not limited to the following: “as needed” or “PRN” medications, acute medications such as antibiotics and pain medications, controlled (CII) medications, injectables, liquids, chewable tablets, dissolvable tablets and medications that may change strength and dosage frequently (such as Coumadin). my-medPak can still dispense these medications, but they will not be included in your monthly box. If you are unsure of how a certain medication may be packed, just ask the my-medPak Care Team for more details.
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Can you package half tablets?

Yes. If your prescription is written for a half tablet or if your doctor prescribes a dose that is not made by the manufacturer, my-medPak will package half tablets and/or split dosages as specified by your physician.
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What if I need an antibiotic, short-term medication, or a prescription filled quickly?

Please contact the my-medPak Care Team ASAP. We will work with you and your doctor(s) to determine the best course of action.
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My medication times vary throughout the day. Can my-medPak accommodate different times at which I take my medications?

Yes. my-medPak can package for any specific time or any time that your physician specifies.
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How long will it take for all of my medications to be filled (synchronized) in the my-medPak Program?

During the synchronization phase, we will work closely with your physician(s) and current pharmacy provider to transition and transfer all of your active prescriptions into my-medPak. Depending on the amount of medications you have remaining and when they will run out, your first my-medPak could take up to two to three months to synchronize. During this phase, it is our goal to synchronize your medications as quickly as possible and then refill them at the same time each month so you can begin to see the benefits of the my-medPak program.
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How will my medications be packaged and how will I know when to take each?

my-medPak organizes your medications by time of day. Each month, your medications will be prepared and packaged in sequential order in your my-medPak box. Each medication is given “hours of administration” (HOA) times based on the time of day you take the medication. The my-medPak Care team can work with you and your physician to determine the most effective and convenient times to take your medications. The HOA time/category is printed on every pack and illustrates what time to take your medication. my-medPak will package up to five different medications in one pack, and each refill is provided in a 30-day supply.
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Do I need to call and reorder the my-medPak box every month, or will it come automatically?

No. You do not need to reorder your my-medPak box. Every month, the my-medPak Care Team will contact you seven to ten days prior to the start of your new my-medPak box. It is very important that you discuss any changes (dosage increases/ decreases and discontinued meds) in your medication regimen with the my-medPak Care Team, as this will affect your next my-medPak box.
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Do I still need to call my doctor for prescription refills?

No. Once you are enrolled in the my-medPak program, we will communicate with your doctor(s) on an on-going basis for all of your prescription needs. Receiving prescriptions directly from your doctor(s) is the easiest and most accurate way to communicate.
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What happens if I have a medication change?

my-medPak will manage any medication changes (additions/discontinuations/changes in strength/etc.). Please contact my-medPak immediately upon any medication changes so we can properly communicate with your doctor(s) to accommodate these changes.
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How should I store the my-medPak box?

The my-medPak box is not childproof, so it needs to be kept out of the reach of children. Remember, even childproof does not mean child-resistant. Keep it in a safe place that you will remember so that you take your medications at the appropriate times. The my-medPak box should be stored in a cool area away from humidity.
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Can I return the my-medPak box?

No. Just as with traditional prescription vials, in accordance with pharmacy regulations, the my-medPak box cannot be returned once it leaves the pharmacy.
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Should I let my doctor know about the my-medPak program, or will you contact him?

We encourage you to let your physician know about your new medication management program. However, upon enrollment, we will contact your doctor(s) to confirm that you have enrolled and will send your doctor(s) information about the my-medPak program.
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What should I do if I have any question regarding my-medPak?

Please call the my-medPak Care Team at your earliest convenience.

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